There may be some Sasha Banks backstage heat in WWE. Earlier in the week, fans were puzzled when she put over Alicia Fox on Monday Night Raw. It was a clean loss by Banks. The front office usually protects top performers in losses by having the heel cheat. The loss also would not have made much of an impact if Sasha had lost to someone that was being pushed. Losing cleanly to Alexa Bliss is fine. Losing clean to Fox, who is not being pushed, is a bad look for Sasha Banks. That has led to speculations that she might have some backstage heat from World Wrestling Entertainment officials.

Backstage heat affecting Sasha Banks

A lot of WWE fans are going to dismiss the notion that there is backstage heat towards Sasha Banks. To them, stuff like politics does not exist in the locker room. In reality, though, backstage heat definitely exists. It can also affect your push and career. Reports have surfaced that Banks was supposed to work a big program against Bayley. Some are even saying that a heel turn would be involved. Alexa Bliss was supposed to be a temporary titleholder. Now, it seems like management is putting the Sasha story on hold in order to focus on Alexa.

Sasha Bank backstage heat temporary

It is not impossible to get out of the doghouse in WWE once you have been placed there. Triple H is a fantastic example of that. Sasha Banks is someone that can get through the backstage heat. She can regain her position as one of the top stars in World Wrestling Entertainment. Sasha is popular and has quite the following. Plus, she is talented enough to win over people in the ring. Banks just needs to keep working hard and hope that the backstage heat eventually fades.

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