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WWE signing Samoa Joe

In a move that many thought would be impossible, it now appears that WWE will be signing Samoa Joe to a contract very soon. Reports have surfaced that the two sides have come to an agreement on terms. The belief is that the deal will not take place before April, as Joe has already committed to working matches for ROH in the month of March. Despite being a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Joe will be going through developmental still.
March 3, 2015

ROH legend returning

A video on YouTube where ROH reveals that Samoa Joe will be coming back to the company for a couple of matches.
February 24, 2015

Samoa Joe to ROH

While we still do not know what the long term future holds for Samoa Joe, we do know what he is going to be doing in the month of March. He is heading back home to ROH to work a couple of matches. No word yet on who his opponents will be, but management should have no problems finding him suitable performers to work with. As of right now, the deal is said to be a short term one, as Joe is still said to be pondering his long term status.
February 24, 2015