Samoa Joe has been working patiently down in NXT for quite some time now. His loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting the moment that the former world heavyweight champion gets promoted to the main roster in WWE. The wait could be over soon, as reports have surfaced that management is considering a big push for Joe. Some are even saying that he could be utilized as a mystery entrant in the upcoming Royal Rumble. He could be utilized in the monster role, which is where a performer is annually allowed to dominate the battle royal for a couple of minutes.

Every year during the Royal Rumble, one lucky performer gets the monster push from the front office. That is where they get a couple of minutes to look extremely dominant. If the audience eats it up, then the performer receives a nice little push on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live. It could even lead to a spot at Wrestlemania. Samoa Joe is a candidate for this role if he were to be called up to the main roster in the next couple of days.

There are already rumblings of Samoa Joe being given a high profile spot at Wrestlemania 33. Some are even stating that WWE is going to fast track his push from the Royal Rumble through the Elimination Chamber. Management is hoping that by then he would have enough credibility with the majority of their fan base to take a spot on the biggest wrestling event of the year. No word yet on who Joe would be working with, but it more than likely would be someone higher up on the card to make it worthwhile.

This would be quite the change of pace for Samoa Joe, as many were under the belief that he would be stuck in NXT for a longer period of time than needed.

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