Considering the legacy that he left behind, a lot of professional wrestlers look up to Shawn Michaels. There is an entire library of classic matches that he has been involved in. When discussions are made in regards to the best of all time, Michaels inevitably finds himself being named among the candidates. That is why praise from him means more to the performers than they would if it came from someone else.

Samoa Joe finds himself as the latest recipient of complimentary words from Michaels. During an interview where a potential return to WWE was discussed, the Heartbreak Kid revealed that his preferred dream opponent if he were to make another comeback would be none other than Samoa Joe.

Michaels praised the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion for his line of work and feels that Samoa Joe really makes his beatings seem so realistic. Since Michaels is one of the best ever at selling moves for his opponents, he could make it seem like Samoa Joe is really doing quite a bit of damage in their potential dream match.

During the interview, Michaels also acknowledged that he has heard that fans want him to work potential dream matches against the likes of AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. Though he does appear to be opposed to working with either of those guys, Michaels feels that a match against Samoa Joe would be much more appealing, both to himself and to the audience.

As of right now, the odds of Michaels making a return as an in ring performer for WWE appear to be quite slim. When asked recently by TMZ if he was considering the possibility, Michaels was quick to dismiss the notion. After years of being in the ring, he now seems content with being a retired performer who shows up once in a while to entertain the fans.

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