In a recent interview, Sabu bashes WWE hall of fame. He states that it is a fake version and too easy to get into. However, Sabu also stated that he would accept an induction for financial reasons.

Sabu bashes WWE hall of fame as being fake

Every year, the WWE hall of fame generates a ton of headlines. Fans want to know the names included in the latest induction class. Rumors swirl around at least a dozen performers. Some make it, others do not. Sometimes, there are candidates who are borderline inductees. Their career might not be legendary. However, enough people remember them to defend the choice. If there is enough interest to draw in an audience, then the performer gets in. That is how Sabu views the hall of fame. A lot of fans agree with him.

Real wrestling hall of fame

Sabu noted that there are a couple of pro wrestling hall of fame organizations out there. The ECW legend noted that they usually ask for donations from the performers because the organization is low on cash. They are not a billion dollar corporation. They focus more on rewarding performers for the things that they accomplished during their career.

Sabu accepting induction from WWE

If WWE were to ask if he would do an induction, Sabu answered rather candidly. He honestly stated that he would go through with it, but he would only be doing it for financial reasons. In short, Sabu needs the money. The honesty is quite refreshing. Generally, World Wrestling Entertainment pays the performers approximately $5,000 to be at Wrestlemania weekend. More known performers are paid a bit more than that amount. They also throw in airfare, hotel and other accommodations. An induction also helps performers draw in bigger paychecks for making appearances on the independent wrestling circuit.

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