Wrestling Revealed

Zombie Eddie Guerrero

During the match between Ryback and Luke Harper during Monday Night Raw last night, JBL generated a bit of controversy with some comments that he made. When Harper flew over the ropes, the commentator stated that he looked like a "zombie Eddie Guerrero", which drew the ire of the internet wrestling community, who pounced him with some negative comments through social media. Guerrero still remains very popular with the fans.
February 4, 2015

Ryback banned

Through social media, Ryback revealed to fans that he was denied entry to a WWE live event in his hometown of Las Vegas over the weekend. He also stated that he purchased a ticket, yet was not allowed in. For clarification, this is simply a matter of him portraying his character and preserving the story line of him being fired by The Authority. The Big Guy is expected back on television soon. He is also scheduled for the Royal Rumble.
January 18, 2015

Luke Gallows not mentioned

When Ryback began telling the story of his past, a lot of wrestling fans recognized it from the interview that they read earlier in the week. Many wondered if WWE would allow him to mention that Luke Gallows was the one that helped to save and change his life. Word going around is that the Big Guy actually wanted to mention Gallows when he was telling the story, but management instructed him to omit that part of the story because Gallows does not work there.
December 30, 2014