WWE once teased a feud between Ryback and Triple H.

We never got to see it.

On his highly entertaining podcast interview show, Ryback reveals some interesting tidbits about that.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion stated that he was really looking forward to working a program with HHH. Ryback felt that it was a good opportunity to show the front office that he was a capable in ring performer.

According to Ryback, it was never something in the works with World Wrestling Entertainment. Triple H approached him backstage once and informed him that it was simply a tease and nothing concrete.

Ryback was built up well enough at one point in WWE where he and Triple H could have been a headline match at Summerslam. The two of them could have also been one of the headline matches at Wrestlemania.

For whatever reasons, World Wrestling Entertainment opted against going that route.

To this day, Ryback still does not understand why WWE would tease the program and do nothing with it. He has been critical of the front office since leaving the company. This was one of the decisions that added on to his dissatisfaction with the job.

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