Ryback avoiding TNA, New Japan and other promotions is because of his business ventures. Since leaving WWE, the former Intercontinental Champion has only worked with independent wrestling promotions. He wants to make sure that nothing prevents him from creating his empire.

Ryback avoiding TNA

Even with all of their struggles over the past couple of years, TNA remains a potential destination whenever a performer leaves WWE. The promotion still has a national television presence, which helps to keep wrestlers relevant enough with the mainstream fans. With Ryback trying to build up his brand name, staying in the eyes of the public is a smart move.

Unfortunately for TNA, he will not be showing up on Impact Wrestling any time soon. The Big Guy does not want a schedule that will interfere with his business ventures. The company is trying to take the show back on the road by summer. Ryback remembers how restrictive the WWE schedule is when it comes to working on outside projects.

Ryback avoiding New Japan

During a recent interview, Ryback specifically mentioned New Japan as a possible destination. Since the promotion likes bringing in Americans with larger than life physiques, he has a good chance at generating interest from the front office. Ryback can easily fill a spot with the Bullet Club. A recognizable face from WWE can be quite the asset for the heel stable. However, being overseas makes it harder for Ryback to focus on business ventures in the United States.

Ryback selling supplements

For those that do not know, Ryback is trying to build up a health and fitness business. Selling supplements is one of the goals. The market is a bit saturated. If things do not work out for Ryback, then he might consider making pro wrestling more of a priority. At that point, he might reconsider his stance on TNA, New Japan and other promotions.

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