WWE is struggling with the Rusev return. The creative department simply does not know how they want to go forward with the story. There is some added pressure because the company wants to make his arrival on Smackdown Live a big deal. Some are hoping that he can become a part of the main event scene. One of the ideas being thrown out there for Rusev is to have him win the briefcase at the Money in the Bank pay per view. Others are against that idea because they feel that he should receive a shot at Randy Orton that night. That is why the big man missed his announced return to television last week.

Rusev winning the Money in the Bank

Ryan Ward is the lead writer on Smackdown. He is the one that is pushing heavily for Rusev to win the Money in the Bank. He likes the idea of bringing along the return a bit slower. Winning the briefcase would open up a lot of opportunities for the Rusev character. That enables him to challenge for the belt at any time that WWE wants. Another benefit of doing that story is that the creative department is not as restricted when it comes to the stories of Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal.

Rusev challenging at Money in the Bank

There are also those in WWE that want to speed things up with the Rusev return. They feel that he can gain instant momentum by challenging Randy Orton at Money in the Bank. The chances of Rusev winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship are slim. He simply does not have that type of support from the audience at this point in time. Plus, if Miroslav Barnyashev is the top champion on Smackdown Live, then that limits what the writers can do with Jinder Mahal.

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