In a not so surprising move, Rosa Mendes retires from WWE. After ten years with the company, the diva has decided to focus on being a mother.

Rosa Mendes retires from pro wrestling

After spending a couple of years in development, Rosa Mendes made her Monday Night Raw debut in November of 2008. She first portrayed a fan in the audience. However, she later revealed that she was a big fan of Beth Phoenix. From there, Rosa aligned herself with Beth and Santino Marella. WWE never portrayed her as the top diva. Mendes never held a championship on the main roster. However, lasting close to a decade is quite the accomplishment in the industry.

Rosa Mendes retires to focus on family

For Rosa Mendes, life outside of WWE will center around family. About a year ago, she became a mother for the very first time. Initially, she wanted to make a return to the ring. However, Rosa realized that it would be difficult to be both a mother and an entertainer. So, she decided to choose the former and give up the latter. Mendes also met the man of her dreams. Living out of a suitcase makes it hard to maintain a strong relationship.

Rosa Mendes retires to focus on business

Like a lot of pro wrestler, Rosa Mendes has an interest in health and fitness. One usually has to maintain a great body in order to be a star with WWE.  Rosa decided to take her passion and turn it into a business. She is now selling nutritional products. Mendes is also doing personal training. Though she remains in great shape, a return to World Wrestling Entertainment is highly unlikely. After all, Rosa is now 37 years old. There is only so much punishment that a body can take in the ring.

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