Approximately a year ago, the Roman Reigns suspension was the biggest story in wrestling. It was huge because it is rare to see top level performers being punished by WWE. Even mainstream media websites like ESPN covered the story. Management had a huge public relations situation on their hands. Reigns was and is the centerpiece of World Wrestling Entertainment. For their top star to violate their wellness program, that is not a good look. Fast forward to this year, and the majority of WWE fans have apparently forgotten about the suspension of Roman. Even his harshest critics rarely ever bring it up.

WWE does not mention the Roman Reigns suspension

For obvious reasons, WWE does not mention the Roman Reigns suspension on any of their broadcasts. They also do not write featured articles on the matter. Management had really hoped that things eventually got swept under the rug. To do their part in making that happen, World Wrestling Entertainment was going to avoid mentioning the Reigns suspension once the initial statement was made. Wrestling fans have short memories. Legendary performers are forgotten unless WWE mentions them on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live. Since they never bring up that Roman was suspended, that memory fades from their audience.

Critics have forgotten about the Roman Reigns suspension

Roman Reigns has some pretty harsh critics. He now knows what John Cena experienced for years in WWE. Fans will complain about anything related to Roman. Some have issues with the fact that he wins his matches frequently. They seem to forget that World Wrestling Entertainment is the one that determines who the victors are. Reigns is also blamed for not putting on five star matches. That is not something that WWE actually requires of their performers in order to receive a push. It comes as quite a surprise that the suspension of Roman has not been brought up more frequently by the critics.

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