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Kevin Owens suicide dive

If you watched Kevin Owens in ROH, you already know that the big man does a lot of high impact and high risk moves. He has toned that down slightly in NXT. A WWE fan asked him through social media why he no longer does the suicide dive. Owens sarcastically responded that he wanted to live. In reality, however, there are rumors that Triple H instructed him to save the big spots for the very big moments instead of doing them routinely.
March 23, 2015

ROH on Spike

It looks like there might be some truth to the rumors about Joe Koff trying to get ROH on Spike TV. Kevin Kay is the president of the network, and during a recent interview with the Boston Herald, he revealed that the two sides have had some discussions. He also noted that the talks have not been serious enough to where anyone should assume that a deal will be made. Kay is still not sure they want wrestling on their channel.
March 16, 2015

Briscoes to WWE

For quite some time now, rumors about the Briscoes signing with WWE have been floating around. The speculations are flying high once again. Reports have surfaced that the company has renewed their interest in signing Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe to a contract. The former is actually the current ROH Heavyweight Champion, so that would be quite a boost to the roster. Despite their talents, the brothers would still have to go through NXT.
March 12, 2015

ROH on Spike TV

Earlier this week, rumors about ROH being in negotiations with Spike TV were debunked. The network even went as far as to say that they had no clue where those speculations came from. There are now reports that the source of the rumors are actually from within the company itself. The belief is that Joe Koff and his staff were the ones that leaked the rumors in an attempt to hide the fact that the company is going through financial issues.
February 23, 2015

ROH to Spike TV

Rumors surfaced within the internet wrestling community this week that ROH was in negotiations with Spike TV. The speculation was that they were trying to get a weekly television show on Friday nights. There have been absolutely no confirmation of this from Joe Koff or anyone in the promotion. In fact, Koff recently stated that he was more than satisfied with the progress that his company has been making with Ring of Honor being aired.
February 21, 2015

ROH folding

Rumors about the potential folding of ROH have started to surface as of late. It has already been reported that negotiations with a lot of their performers have stalled, and some of them are said to be looking at alternative employment options in WWE and TNA. Word has now leaked that Sinclair Broadcast Group has been rejected requests from Ring of Honor for funding. It appears as if Joe Koff is starting to give up on his wrestling promotion.
February 5, 2015