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Rob Van Dam

RVD with weird hair

A post on Instagram where Rob Van Dam shows off the ridiculously funky hairdo that he was given. The former world heavyweight champion is on the set of the new movie that he is filming.
June 22, 2015
SoCal Val

RVD responds to comic

A post on Twitter where Rob Van Dam responds when the stand up comedian asked the audience if anyone could do a back flip. The former world heavyweight champion, who can do much more than just a back flip, is apparently hanging out with SoCal Val at a bar in Orlando tonight.
June 8, 2015
Booker T

RVD at Royal Rumble

Since he remains on good terms with the company and makes frequent returns and appearances, rumors about Rob Van Dam being a mystery entrant during the Royal Rumble continue to persists. He touched on the topic during an interview with Booker T. RVD stated that he is going to be riding his bike in California on Sunday night. The former world heavyweight champion also noted that fans are not going to believe him anyways.
January 25, 2015