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Rob Van Dam

RVD at Royal Rumble

Since he remains on good terms with the company and makes frequent returns and appearances, rumors about Rob Van Dam being a mystery entrant during the Royal Rumble continue to persists. He touched on the topic during an interview with Booker T. RVD stated that he is going to be riding his bike in California on Sunday night. The former world heavyweight champion also noted that fans are not going to believe him anyways.
January 25, 2015
Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam at Royal Rumble

If Rob Van Dam making a surprise appearance on Monday Night Raw was not enough to satiate your appetite for the hardcore legend, then WWE might have something else for you to snack on when the Royal Rumble rolls around. While the company has leaned away from including several ECW performers to capitalize on the Philadelphia market, RVD remains one of the guys that might be utilized as a surprise entrant. Management always likes having a couple of those each year.
December 9, 2014