Though it started out with so much anticipation and hype, the podcast show started by Ric Flair and his good friend, Conrad Thompson, was unable to last more than a year. The Nature Boy has announced that he is putting an end to his weekly interview show. When asked about the cancellation, Thompson replied that it was simply a matter of Flair not wanting to do the show any more. It takes quite a bit of work to put together a guest list and come up with topics to discuss. Plus, the field is pretty stacked as several performers are doing their own shows as well.

While the company might not have directly instructed him to shut down the podcast show, a new contract between Flair and WWE might have played a huge factor in the decision. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion will be doing more work with the promotion in the upcoming months, so he might have needed to clear some time from his schedule. The podcast show did not take up a ton of time for Flair, but it did require him to commit some time each week to doing an episode.

There is no official word yet on what Flair will be doing for WWE now that he is signed to a new contract. However, with Wrestlemania 33 coming around the corner, the belief is that he is going to be heavily involved in the festivities that week. Several promotional appearances are expected, as Flair still remains one of the more recognizable faces in the industry.

There is also the chance that Flair could be back working with Charlotte, who is currently penciled in to drop the Raw Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania. Management has spent months pushing her as a champion that comes through at the big pay per view events, so they are hoping to use Charlotte to give the rub to another female performer at the biggest show of the year.

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