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Rey Mysterio at WrestleCon

For years, Wrestlemania weekend was a highly profitable one for Rey Mysterio, as he usually received a hefty pay per view bonus from WWE for being on the card. He is no longer with the company but still stands to take home a good amount of money this year. In addition to hosting a party at a club, Mysterio has now been signed on for WrestleCon. His asking price was $20,000, and the belief is that he is receiving at least this much.
March 9, 2015

Rey Mysterio speaking out

One of the events that Rey Mysterio is scheduled for during Wrestlemania week is a sit down interview. He is bringing along his real life best friend Konnan and former WWE writer Court Bauer. The two of them are not afraid to speak out about things taking place backstage, with the former being highly critical and controversial. The belief is that Mysterio might end up discussing his departure from the company and the ugly contract situation.
March 3, 2015

Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania

By now, just about everyone knows that Rey Mysterio is no longer with WWE, even though the company is attempting to keep that bit of information from leaking out to the investors. However, the masked superstar will still be heading to northern California for Wrestlemania week. He is highly unlikely to appear on television or even backstage, but Mysterio will be on hand at several events, including a VIP cocktail party.
March 3, 2015

Rey Mysterio contract

For the next few weeks, everything in WWE will revolve around Wrestlemania. That will be the main topic of discussion backstage. However, some will also be talking about Rey Mysterio and his contract situation. His deal is set to expire shortly after the big pay per view, and many are wondering ow management is going to handle the situation this time around. Locker room morale might take a bit of a hit if the masked performer is forced to stay.
January 30, 2015

Rey Mysterio at Royal Rumble

While the company initially had hoped that Rey Mysterio would be available for the Survivor Series, the belief is that WWE has had a change of heart about rushing the former world heavyweight champion back into action. Management is more than likely going to save his in ring return at the Royal Rumble, where Mysterio can be one of the surprise entrants at the pay per view. A feud would then be set up, so that he can work a Wrestlemania match.
December 19, 2014

Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series

Reports have surfaced that Rey Mysterio was originally a part of the plans for Survivor Series. No confirmation yet on what role he was to have played at the pay per view, but strong speculations are stating that he was to have been in the big tag team main event match. WWE wanted to rush his return as soon as he agreed to come back. Management wants to spend the next couple of months to build up a Wrestlemania match for him.
December 18, 2014