With the Rey Mysterio contract expiring soon, Lucha Underground has big decisions to make in the upcoming weeks. The veteran has been quite the asset for their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, though, Mysterio might leave for green pastures.

Rey Mysterio contract expiring soon after television appearance

Lucha Underground contracts are a bit unique. Technically, Rey Mysterio has finished his commitments to the promotion. However, the masked superstar cannot sign elsewhere just yet. Mysterio can join another promotion after his television appearancesĀ air. Of course, he start discussions now.

Mysterio has not signed with Lucha Underground. He seems ready to move on.

Rey Mysterio returning to WWE

Many cannot see Rey Mysterio returning to World Wrestling Entertainment. His tenure there ended awkwardly. Mysterio and management did not agree on the terms of his contract. WWE kept him around when he was ready to leave.

However, the door is still open for a reunion.

Mysterio could return to WWE if management signed him to a part time contract. He also wants a favorable deal on merchandise sales. Mysterio is very popular and can move a lot of products. He can also sell tickets. The former world heavyweight champion simply does not want to work full time.

Rey Mysterio to TNA

TNA is an option for Rey Mysterio. The performers do not work a full schedule. The company films episodes of Impact Wrestling in advance. So, Mysterio can still have plenty of time at home. He can also negotiate a very favorable contract because of his name value.

Rey Mysterio training his son

In his free time, Rey Mysterio focuses on his family. His daughter is getting older. His son Dominic is training to become a wrestler. Mysterio has been involved in the training. Being on the road makes it harder to be a husband and father.

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