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Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose girlfriend

For the longest time now, WWE fans have been speculating on the real life relationship between Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. The two of them have been spotted arriving at the arenas together very frequently over the past year. Photos have even been uploaded to social media. During a recent interview with The Gorilla Position, Renee finally revealed that the two of them are in a serious relationship. They still wish to remain private, though.
March 5, 2015
Renee Young

Renee Young breast implants

Now that she is appearing more frequently on WWE shows, fans have grown a bit more curious about Renee Young. One of the most asked questions about her is whether or not she has breast implants. There have been no reports on the interviewer modifying her body in that manner. Simply by looking at them, one can tell that she has very natural looking breasts. Getting them in the future might be an option, but it is unlikely.
January 5, 2015