Reby Sky bashes TNA as Matt Hardy says goodbye to the company. Apparently, she is not happy with how the new management team treated her family over the past couple of weeks.

Reby Sky bashes TNA on Twitter

Upon leaving the company, Matt Hardy decided to say goodbye to TNA. He took to social media to do so. Not surprisingly, he had some kind words about the promotion. Hardy wished everyone in the company well. Though he was disappointed to be leaving, Matt made sure that the bridge was still in tact. There was still a slight chance for a return down the road. His wife, on the other hand, was not as diplomatic. Reby Sky decided to unleash some venom towards the new management team. She feels that they disrespected her family.

TNA disrespecting Matt Hardy

Reby Sky feels that TNA should have more respect for Matt Hardy. After all, her husband was easily one of the most entertaining acts in the business over the past year. Rumors swirled that the contract negotiation upset Hardy. The feeling was that management should have made an offer sooner than they did. Another issue might be the contract itself. TNA wants a percentage of what the performers make on the independent wrestling circuit. Hardy gets booked frequently. That could end up costing him quite a bit.

Reby Sky concerns WWE

There are rumors that WWE wants Matt Hardy back. His name value increased tremendously in TNA. However, there might be concerns now. Reby Sky might be a problem.. World Wrestling Entertainment tries to avoid drama. However, it is not easy to do. Performers can vent their issues on social media rather easily. Reby might do that if she is unhappy with what WWE does to her husband. There is already a concern that the front office will stifle Hardy and his creativity. Matt might be worth the risk, though. His new character is that entertaining.

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