The war outside the wrestling ring can sometimes be more brutal than those fought within.

Reby Hardy is going hard after Jeff Jarrett.

The founder of TNA recently did an interview where he reaffirmed his belief that the company owns the rights to the Broken Matt Hardy character. Jarrett attempted to explain how intellectual property works.

That did not sit well with Reby Hardy. It triggered quite the response.

Through Twitter, Reby went off on quite the epic rant. She starts off by telling Jeff Jarrett to stop doing interviews on the matter. Hardy threatened to reveal some personal information about Jeff if he continued talking about the matter publicly.

Then, Reby revealed the information immediately afterwards.

She revealed that she has some drunk text messages from Jarrett. Reby also mentioned a DUI arrest. That was not common knowledge to wrestling fans.

To further hammer the point home, Reby Hardy then revealed a screen capture of the arrest record for Jeff. She even gleefully quoted an R Kelly song when she did it.

Hardy also informed fans on social media that TNA does not have enough money to take Matt Hardy to court over the rights to the character. Reby feels that is the reason why Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantel and others in the company are trying to downplay the situation.

For what it’s worth, the Hardys have not been successful thus far in claiming ownership of the character. That is why WWE has refused to bring it to life on their shows.

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