An Austin Aries release shocked WWE fans on Friday.

As is usually the case when it comes to these types of announcement in pro wrestling, there is more to the story.

Reports have surfaced that Aries was the one that made the request for a release. A lot of fans find it hard to believe that people would willingly walk away from World Wrestling Entertainment. To them, it is a dream job. To the wrestlers, it eventually turns into a job.

When Austin Aries joined WWE, he did so because he wanted to see if he can be a star on the biggest stage of them all. He simply was not content with just being there. The former world heavyweight champion needed to see how far up the ladder he could climb.

Unfortunately for fans of Austin, it was not very far up.

Aries was said to be frustrated with World Wrestling Entertainment for keeping him in the cruiserweight division. As someone that has been lauded as a great overall performer, Austin felt that he had much more to offer than what he was being given to work with.

The feud between Austin Aries and Neville was an entertaining one. Some WWE fans even felt it was the best program in the promotion so far this year. With the way things were being set up on screen, many fel that Aries was going to take the belt away from Neville.

That never happened.

Some are now saying that Aries had a bad attitude backstage. Part of that could have been that he was unhappy with how WWE was using him. Some are saying Austin might have rubbed management the wrong way.

To his credit, Austin Aries still put in the effort when he was given a small part of the spotlight. His commentary work and promos were tremendous. So was his in ring performances. That was expected from someone of his caliber. He maintained professionalism in front of the cameras.

For WWE, this might not seem like a big loss to the front office. They can push one or two of the other performers already on the roster. They can also groom someone in NXT or make a pitch to one of the bigger name performers on the independent wrestling circuit.

For Austin Aries, it is simply time to move on. Shortly after word spread that he had been released from World Wrestling Entertainment, he took to Twitter to let fans know he was happy. That response sounds like it is coming from a man who has been frustrated for some time now.

The independent wrestling circuit is on fire right now. Aries should be able to find work. Some are saying Austin has issues with people in ROH but that bridge might not be beyond repair. The company is still a viable place of employment for wrestlers.

On a personal level, it is a bit interesting that Austin Aries would choose to walk away from WWE at this point in time. His fiancee, Thea Trinidad, was recently signed by the company. Of course, they probably were not going to be working together, as she is rumored to be headed towards NXT first.

At the end of the day, World Wrestling Entertainment is still a job. People leave their jobs every day. Cody Rhodes was frustrated, walked away and is thriving now on the indies. Austin Aries might have noticed that himself. He made the call to leave. And that’s his choice.

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