Smackdown trades have changed thing up  in WWE. A lot of roster members are now on different brands. That means fans finally get new feuds and matches. For the performers, this is a fresh start. Many of them will use this as an opportunity. Some will move up the ladder. Others will stay the same. Sadly, a few might even drop down the card. None of us will know where they will end up. However, that does not prevent us from taking educated guesses. That is where some of the fun is when it comes to the Superstar Shake Up.

Charlotte Flair dominating Smackdown

WWE fans grew tired of seeing Charlotte Flair on top of Monday Night Raw. She won the title more time on that brand than some female performers do in their entire careers. Her feud with Sasha Banks went on longer than current fans can tolerate. World Wrestling Entertainment, however, likes having Charlotte near the top of the card. They feel she is capable of handling the role. The solution? Send Flair to Smackdown where she can take over the top of the division there. It will be interesting to see how fans react.

Lana getting bigger role on Smackdown

Rusev has been out with an injury for quite some time now. The former United States Heavyweight Champion missed out on Wrestlemania 33 because of it. No word yet on an actual return date. So that means that Lana will have to fare for herself on Smackdown Live for the time being. She might be paired up with another male performer on a temporary basis. There is also a chance that Lana might get into the ring. She has spent a good amount of time at the Performance Center. WWE might be ready to try her out.

Tamina Snuka to Smackdown

Tamina Snuka getting final chance on Smackdown

A lot of people root for Tamina Snuka. It is hard to blame them. She is a single mother who overcame much difficulties to make it to WWE. Tamina has also battled hard to return from a serious injury. Plus, she is very close to Dwayne Johnson. People want to see her succeed. However, World Wrestling Entertainment can only give someone so much time to prove that. Management might give Snuka a push to see if there is something there. If not, she might unfortunately be on her way out of the company. That would be a shame.

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