Sunday nights are entertaining to wrestling fans whenever there is a pay per view taking place. However, on this particular evening, a post on Twitter is providing all the entertainment. Randy Orton bashes indies wrestling with a long post. That has caused quite the outrage. A war of words has broken out on social media. Some fans are upset with the longtime WWE star for not respecting those that come up the hard way through the business. Others are quick to defend Orton because he is the big star. Some are even trying to play it up as if Randy is simply playing around.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton bashes indies

The targets for Randy Orton are independent wrestling fans and wrestlers who are not with WWE. In his statement, the world heavyweight champion noted that he was enjoying some beers in Denmark after another successful tour of Europe. He touts that Smackdown made more money than Raw during the trip. Randy also talks about his 13 championship reigns and the millions of dollars that he has made. To drill the message home even further, Orton even joked about the headlock. It is a move that fans have criticized him for relying on too often during matches.

Randy Orton fans

WWE fans defending Randy Orton

There are WWE fans that will defend just about everything related to the company. Since Randy Orton has been a star in the promotion for such a long time, the loyalty is extended towards him. Though many claim to have respect for independent wrestling, they are coming to the defense of Orton. They are embracing the words of Randy and his criticism towards the indies. Ironically, a lot of fans have forgotten that some of the top stars in World Wrestling Entertainment came up through the independent circuit that Orton is bashing.

independent wrestling fans

Independent wrestling fans bashing Randy Orton

In responses, independent wrestling fans are bashing Randy Orton. He can be an easy target despite being one of the biggest names in WWE. Many are pointing out that Orton does not always put on the best matches. They note that there are plenty of independent wrestlers that can outperform Randy in the ring. Some are even pointing out that Orton has a very dull character and is not as much of a draw as he thinks that he is. For what it is worth, Randy has put on plenty of good matches. He is also a draw. Orton might not be the biggest draw. However, there are fans who pay money to see him.

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