When done right, stables can be quite the powerful weapons for wrestling companies. You take a powerful superstar and use his status to elevate other performers. The NWA perfected this art by putting Ric Flair with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson and Barry Windham. WWE created two superstars in Randy Orton and Batista by putting them with Flair and Triple H.

Like it or not, Miz is a superstar in wrestling. He’s one of the most gifted performers in WWE. Solid in the ring, great character and one of the most natural speakers in the business. He and Maryse have transformed Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel from rarely used guys into relevant pieces of Monday Night Raw.

WWE needs to spread the wealth even more.

Here are potential new members of the Miz stable.

Darren Young

Public relations is a big thing in WWE. That’s one of the reasons why management would love for Darren Young to become a bigger star. Injuries can be partly to blame but he has yet to do so. When he is healthy enough to return, a spot in the Miz stable might do wonders for Young. Darren gets some of the spotlight without the pressure of shining alone.

Enzo Amore

There’s a fear that WWE is going to neglect Enzo Amore now that Big Cass is receiving his big singles push. A good way to prevent that is by putting him in the Miz stable. Amore is a fantastic talker so it would be interesting to see he and Miz sharing the microphone in segments together. Do a storyline where Enzo turns heel because he feels he cannot run alone after being demolished at Great Balls of Fire.


WWE needs a strong baby face cruiserweight to challenge Neville now that Austin Aries has been released. However, 205 Live also needs a performer that can help generate attention to the show. TJP being in the Miz stable can help do that. His character is already impressionable so the storyline should be simply enough to do. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas can both make guest appearances on 205 Live to spruce things up.

Mojo Rawley

WWE has been teasing friction between Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder as of late. A split seems imminent. Rawley isn’t ready to run on his own. A spot in the Miz stable can help him transition into a singles star. Fans already know he loves to party since he is frequently seen with NFL star Rob Gronkowski in Las Vegas. That should make it easy to fit his character in with a leader who loves Hollywood.

Jason Jordan

Those that have been watching Smackdown Live closely know that WWE is heavily leaning towards turning Chad Gable into a singles star. Jason Jordan can avoid being left in the dust by joining the Miz stable. His character is not fully define but that’s a good thing. That gives the creative department a blank canvas. Gable can be repackaged as someone that fits in with Miz, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Maryse.

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