Wrestling Revealed

Bushwhackers old school

A photo on Instagram of Luke Williams and Butch Miller well before they were the Bushwhackers in WWE and the Sheepherders in the NWA.
March 22, 2015

Dusty Rhodes return

While many people are under the impression that Dusty Rhodes is done with his latest televised stint with WWE, that may not necessarily be the case. There are talks that he could be brought back at Wrestlemania when the two brothers engage in their rematch. There are also talks going around of having Rhodes doing something with Sting, as the two real life friends share a very long and storied history together in the NWA and WCW.
February 27, 2015

Heath Slater return

Now that the assault charges against him have been dropped, some are wondering about when the Heath Slater return to WWE is going to take place. As of right now, there is no clear cut date or time frame for that to happen. The belief is that management will continue to keep him on the sidelines because there is still a lingering fear that his presence may bring about some unwanted negative publicity. Slater is unlikely for the Royal Rumble.
January 22, 2015

Adam Pearce retiring

An intriguing Instagram photo from Adam Pearce, where the former NWA heavyweight champion is hinting that he might have decided to retire as an in ring performer to join WWE.
December 22, 2014