When Total Divas returns for the second half of the season on April 5, Nikki Bella is going to have a much different role. Instead of just being a cast member, she will now also serve as the executive producer of the show.

That means that Nikki will have major creative input in how the show is scripted. She will provide guidance on the various episodes and the stories that take place each week.

There is a very good chance that WWE and E! made the decision to promote Nikki as a way to keep her on the show. With Total Bellas doing well as a standalone show, she has some leverage because she could choose to leave Total Divas. By making her an executive producer, it entices her to stay involved in both shows.

The fact that Brie Bella was not made an executive producer is also very telling. It means that she might be leaving Total Divas soon. Doing Total Bellas is already considered a heavy workload for her, especially since she is about to become a mother for the very first time in her life. Brie was more than likely not interested in being an executive producer because of the additional commitment that it would require of her.

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