Nia Jax joins Total Divas cast in a surprising move by WWE. Management has been trying to find someone to replace Eva Marie. The lovely redhead has decided to focus more on her acting career. Eva Marie will be leaving World Wrestling Entertainment when her contract expires. The decision to use Nia Jax as a replacement is an interesting choice. WWE has been trying to book her as a monster heel on Monday Night Raw. If fans get a glimpse of her on Total Divas then it might be harder for some to buy her in such a dominant role.

Total Divas hurting Nia Jax character

When it was revealed that Nia Jax would be joining the cast of Total Divas, WWE fans were understandably concerned. While many like Jax, some were concerned about what the reality television show would do to her character. Nia is supposed to be a dominant monster heel on Monday Night Raw. If World Wrestling Entertainment fans are able to see the lighter side of her, some might have trouble believing that Nia Jax is supposed to be ultra angry and aggressive. WWE writers may need to come up with a way to work around that issue.

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