Wrestling Revealed

Jon Stewart threatens Seth Rollins

On Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins cut a promo where he mentioned that he could take over the Daily Show, which recently lost longtime host Jon Stewart. TMZ posted a video response from Stewart, where he stated that Rollins crossed the line. He also threatened that he was seeking revenge. That led to some people assuming that there was legitimate heat between the two. Stewart was just joking around and teasing the audience.
February 19, 2015

Randy Savage induction

Something that wrestling fans have been waiting years for, might finally be happening on Monday Night Raw tonight. Reports have surfaced that WWE will announce that Randy Savage is being inducted into their hall of fame during Wrestlemania weekend. Even mainstream sites such as TMZ have picked up on the story. As expected, the Macho Man will reportedly be the headline inductee, even though he is no longer alive to accept the honor.
January 12, 2015