Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis leaving TNA is a bit of a shock. The real life couple agreed to terms on a new deal with the company. However, they decided to change their minds.

Maria Kanellis leaving TNA with Mike Bennett

Earlier in the week, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis seemed intent on staying with TNA. Negotiations went well. The two sides had an agreement in place. However, it was verbal. Contracts were not signed. Somewhere along the way, Bennett and Kanellis changed their minds. They no longer viewed Impact Wrestling as the place they wanted to be. The two of them informed management of their decision. No word yet on what caused them to have a change of heart. They were fine with the new front office up until this week.

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett to WWE

Reports surfaced this week that WWE wanted Maria Kanellis back. There had been interest for quite some time. The company tried to sign Maria before she decided to join TNA. World Wrestling Entertainment has also had interest in Bennett in the past. He increased his value a bit on Impact Wrestling. Mike could provide NXT with another prospect. Kanellis, on the other hand, provides depth to the main roster. Fans still remember her. She could have a similar impact as what Mickie James has provided.

TNA losing stars

February was a tough month for TNA. The roster has suffered major losses. In addition to Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett, Impact Wrestling has lost three other well known performers. Drew McIntyre is looking for employment elsewhere now. Management really wanted to keep him around. The biggest loss, though, is Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. They are among the biggest draws in the industry. TNA really needed them around as they rebuild their brand. Matt and Jeff might both return to WWE in a couple of weeks.

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