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James Storm

Mason Ryan new job

A post on Twitter where James Storm congratulates former WWE star Mason Ryan on the new job that he just got hired for.
January 5, 2016
Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan working hard

Even though he is no longer with WWE, Mason Ryan still has a lot of passion for professional wrestling. He recently did a ridiculous stretch where he wrestled more than 30 times in a span of 3 weeks. Ryan worked 10 shows during a 6 day stretch. Plus, he even worked 3 shows in the same day. The fact that he is being booked this much means that he has enough name value to draw in promoters and fans.
August 22, 2015
Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan to TNA

There was a point in time where people thought that Mason Ryan was going to become a main event performer in WWE. He had the look that the company generally prefers of their performers. However, things did not work out. Ryan was released and has been floating around the independent wrestling circuit. That might be changing soon. Ryan worked a dark match for TNA this week, and a contract signing is possible.
February 18, 2015