Wrestling Revealed

Daniel Bryan mom

A heartwarming Instagram photo from Brie Bella, where the WWE diva revealed that she and her husband, Daniel Bryan, spent some time with his mother before heading off to Philadelphia for the Royal Rumble.
January 25, 2015

Paige on TMZ

TMZ caught up with Paige at the airport recently and did a quick interview with the WWE diva. It was rather interesting and somewhat bizarre, to say the least. She was asked about what the worst thing about being a woman is, and her response was quite candid. She stated that having menstrual periods made life a bit rough at times. The 22 year old then channeled her wrestling side by stating that the cramps sometimes help out in the ring.
January 25, 2015

Layla El not injured

When word spread that Layla El had surgery recently, there were not a lot of details revealed, so a lot of speculations took place. Well, that bothered the longtime WWE diva enough to post a response via social media. She revealed that she was not injured and should be back to work soon. She said that the surgical procedure was for something person, and did not reveal details, which should lead to even more speculations from fans.
January 25, 2015

Roman Reigns push

While many wrestling fans are already aware of the company's plans to elevate him to the top of the card, very few details have actually emerged from WWE about what they are going to do with Roman Reigns. Until now, that is. Reports have surfaced that the company is going to elevate him at the Fast Lane pay per view by having him go over the Big Show in a Last Man Standing. They feel that match can give him much needed credibility.
January 25, 2015

Booker T book

A photo from Instagram of Booker T showing off his upcoming book, which will focus on his rise through WCW and WWE.
January 25, 2015

WWE Network subscribers

While the company started having doubts about their ability to reach a million subscribers for the WWE Network a while back, there is said to be a good amount of optimism backstage nowadays that it might happen at Wrestlemania, especially with the free month of access being given in February. That, combined with Sting making his wrestling debut and the possible ascension of Roman Reigns, is what is raising the beliefs backstage.
January 25, 2015

Velvet Sky leaves TNA

With speculations surrounding her departure from the company floating around like crazy right now, there are now talks that Velvet Sky is indeed leaving TNA. However, it might not be a permanent thing. The belief is that she wanted to take some time off, so that she can spend time with her real life boyfriend, Bully Ray. He happens to be a free agent right now and is exploring his options in wrestling, both overseas and domestic.
January 25, 2015

Havok staying in TNA

When word broke out yesterday about her potential departure from the company, TNA took a bit of a beating from the internet wrestling community because many feel it would be a mistake for them to allow Havok to leave for another promotion. However, company officials are now saying that is not the case. The woman known legally as Jessica Cricks is still scheduled to work Impact Wrestling episodes being taped in February.
January 25, 2015

Road Dogg backs out

A misunderstood Twitter post from Road Dogg, where the former WWE tag team champion wants to back out of his match against The Ascension at the Royal Rumble.
January 25, 2015

Rockstar Spud push

Since he has been portrayed as comic relief for much of his stint in the company, a lot of TNA fans are unaware that Rockstar Spud is actually a pretty good in ring worker. That was one of the big reasons how he captured the attention of management in the first place. On Impact Wrestling, we saw that Spud will be receiving a shot at the X Division Championship. Management wants to start pushing him as a serious competitor.
January 24, 2015