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Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia botches

Work was a bit rough last night for Lilian Garcia. She had a couple of botches at Fast Lane, and they were quickly picked up by fans on social media. The longtime WWE announcer became a trend online because fans caught her saying a couple of things wrong. Since management keeps a close eye on social media, there is a very good chance that they noticed the mistakes as well now. There is a small chance of her having backstage heat over this.
February 24, 2015
Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia naked photos

Since she is seen rather frequently on Monday Night Raw, Lilian Garcia is usually a topic of interest among the internet wrestling community. Many immediately hit up the search engines to see if they can find naked photos of the longtime WWE announcer. They are usually in for a bit of a disappointment, though, because the only ones out there are the ones that have been edited by Photoshop to make it appear to be Lilian.
December 11, 2014