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Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle WWE return

Now that he has signed a new contract with TNA, people in the industry are basically ruling out the possibility of a Kurt Angle return to WWE. The belief is that his current deal is for one year. Even if he were to somehow change his mind on working a full time schedule, which is extremely unlikely, his body might not allow him to agree to such working conditions. On the flip side, the company has expressed no further interest in Angle.
February 2, 2015
Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle loyal to TNA

For many wrestling fans, it was almost a guaranteed thing that Kurt Angle would return to WWE to finish off his career. It made almost too much sense. However, the decision to leave TNA was not as easy to someone that has actually worked there for years. Angle has stated that the decision was made especially hard because he did not want to leave the company that provided him with a home and has featured him rather nicely for the last several years.
January 1, 2015