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Kurt Angle meeting

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Kurt Angle revealed that WWE had canceled a meeting with him. The two sides were supposed to talk about a contract to bring the former world heavyweight champion back into the mix. Angle felt a little disrespected that he was treated like a nobody. He stated that Triple H told him that they already had enough talent on the roster, something that Vince McMahon would never say.
April 9, 2015

Kurt Angle contract details

Kurt Angle revealed an interesting detail about his contract during a recent interview with the MMA Hour. He stated that he was only required to work 40 dates a year for TNA. Since the company tapes approximately 50 episodes of Impact Wrestling each year, that means that the former world heavyweight champion is not actually required to work house shows. Angle could opt to do some of them if he wishes, however.
March 18, 2015

Kurt Angle contract

Details have emerged about the contract that Kurt Angle signed with TNA, and it basically was what many thought it would be. He signed a one year deal that will expire at the end of December. That goes along with what Angle has been saying for a while now about wanting to retire as an in ring performer after this final stint. The dollar amount has not been revealed yet, but it is said that the former world heavyweight champion is paid well.
February 5, 2015

Kurt Angle WWE return

Now that he has signed a new contract with TNA, people in the industry are basically ruling out the possibility of a Kurt Angle return to WWE. The belief is that his current deal is for one year. Even if he were to somehow change his mind on working a full time schedule, which is extremely unlikely, his body might not allow him to agree to such working conditions. On the flip side, the company has expressed no further interest in Angle.
February 2, 2015

Kurt Angle not wanted

Now that he has signed a new contract with TNA, which will more than likely be the end of his career as an in ring performer, there are talks coming from WWE that the company was not interested in bringing Kurt Angle back whatsoever, despite reports that they offered him a full time deal not too long ago. The word is that management was only interested in bringing him back as a trainer or their developmental program in Florida.
January 2, 2015