WWE is doing the Kurt Angle return match with Triple H. Over the past couple of weeks, Corey Graves has been doing segments with Angle. The messages that he is delivering to Kurt are obviously striking some sort of fear in the general manager of Monday Night Raw. Reports have surfaced that all of this will lead to the big in ring return that WWE fans have been waiting for. Soon, HHH should be making his way back to television. However, the belief is that Stephanie McMahon will make her return first. She can begin the feud with Kurt Angle before her husband steps in for the physical part.

Kurt Angle and Triple H at Summerslam

To many, Wrestlemania 34 makes the most sense for the Kurt Angle return match. It is a special event that WWE fans have been waiting for an eternity to see. Vince McMahon, though, knows that he needs to boost up numbers to keep shareholders believing in the company. That means that World Wrestling Entertainment is more than likely going to provide that boost with Summerslam. There are now talks that Angle and HHH could be doing their match at that pay per view instead of waiting until next April.

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