Kenny Omega wants AJ Styles. The New Japan star felt compelled to remind wrestling fans that this particular goal was still in his mind. Earlier in the year, WWE fans thought it might have been a possibility. Back then Omega was a free agent and seriously contemplating a move back to the United States. Had he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, there was a chance that management would have eventually put Kenny and AJ in the ring together. However, time passed and Omega decided to stay with NJPW. This could be a prime example of the Bullet Club leader planting seeds. Kenny Omega could be building up anticipation for when he becomes a free agent again.

Kenny Omega contract with New Japan

While details of his contract with New Japan are not readily available, the belief is that Kenny Omega is under contract with them until at least next January. The promotion has a history of signing performers to one year deals. Omega was a free agent back in January. There is also a chance that the deal does not expire at the beginning of January. That means that Kenny might not be signed by World Wrestling Entertainment in time for the Royal Rumble. Thus his dream match with AJ Styles will not be happening soon.

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