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Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly on WAGS

It looks like Kelly Kelly is going to remain on television. WAGS has been renewed for a second season by E!, the same network that airs Total Divas. Kelly is a cast member of the show, along with other girlfriends and celebrities of athletes. Kelly is hoping that the show will help open other doors for her in Hollywood. She recently campaigned to Dwayne Johnson to be cast in the new Baywatch movie.
September 30, 2015

Maryse and Kelly show

Last week, it was revealed that Kelly Kelly was working on a reality television show for E! She won't be the only WWE diva on there. The other host of the show is said to be Maryse. The premise of the series is that the two of them will be featuring the wives and girlfriends of famous athletes. Interestingly enough, the two of them are married to well known athletes. The network showed interest because of the success of Total Divas.
April 1, 2015
Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly reality show

Over the past couple of days, Kelly Kelly had been teasing a surprise. It now appears that she was alluding to a reality television show based around her life. Fans that attended the convention this week were required to sign a release form so that their likeness could be utilized in episodes. It has also been revealed that the E! network will be the one airing it. Interest in her might have stemmed from the success of Total Divas.
March 28, 2015