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Justin Gabriel return

For the small portion of you out there that are hoping that Justin Gabriel will make a return to WWE some day, you should make certain to not hold your breath. Management is said to be furious about him walking out on the company. There is said to be an enormous amount of backstage heat on him, even though he is a bottom of the card guy. Gabriel is unlikely to ever be welcomed back into the company, which he is fine with.
February 3, 2015

Justin Gabriel walks out

When reports surfaced that Justin Gabriel walked out of WWE, most of us had no idea just how literal of a statement that was. Further details have now been reported. Gabriel showed up at the arena as usual. Management told him they had nothing for him to do, so he left and toured the city. He was supposed to return to the arena in case something came up for him, but Gabriel opted to quit the company and booked a flight home instead.
February 3, 2015