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Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel to GFW

The main reason why Justin Gabriel decided to walk away from WWE was because he wanted to be able to perform more frequently in front of fans. He still had a passion for the industry, but grown frustrated because he was basically a filler guy for the company. He now gets his chance to show his magic in the ring again. Gabriel has signed a contract with GFW and will be part of the roster that will be touring later on this summer.
May 6, 2015
Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel walks out

When reports surfaced that Justin Gabriel walked out of WWE, most of us had no idea just how literal of a statement that was. Further details have now been reported. Gabriel showed up at the arena as usual. Management told him they had nothing for him to do, so he left and toured the city. He was supposed to return to the arena in case something came up for him, but Gabriel opted to quit the company and booked a flight home instead.
February 3, 2015