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Bill DeMott

WWE addresses DeMott

As many of you already know, allegations towards Bill DeMott were leaked on Monday afternoon by a former developmental wrestler. Since the word has spread so rapidly and so far reaching, WWE felt the need to address the issue with their fans. They provided a short public message on the situation. Management states that they looked into the matter two years ago, but they were unable to validate any of the claims that were made by Judas Devlin.
March 3, 2015

Bill DeMott bully

The internet wrestling community has exploded now that a letter about Bill DeMott has been leaked online. It was originally composed by former developmental wrestler Judas Devlin, and it was a list of complaints in regards to DeMott that was sent directly to WWE headquarters. Devlin points out several instances of abuse of power, both phsyically an verbally, by DeMott. The list includes DeMott grabbing the injured neck of Rusev.
March 2, 2015