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Jonathan Coachman


Earlier in the week, we learned that ESPN was going to be doing a weekly segment hosted by Jonathan Coachman on WWE that will be aired during Sportscenter. There are those in the network that are against the idea of having professional wrestling on their flagship show. They feel that it takes away from actual sports. Upper management, however, is all for it because they know that it will open up business opportunities for both sides.
October 15, 2015
Jonathan Coachman

ESPN at Wrestlemania

While there is speculation going around that WWE is going to get a weekly television series on ESPN, the most likely announcement being made tonight by Jonathan Coachman will be that the sports network will provide coverage when Wrestlemania takes place in Dallas next spring. Things worked out really well for both sides when coverage was provided at Summerslam. The business relationship between these two companies continues to grow.
October 13, 2015
Jonathan Coachman

Coach at Summerslam

When Jonathan Coachman made the leap from WWE to ESPN, the hope was that he might some day be able to bring more exposure to professional wrestling. That day might end up being Summerslam. The sports anchor teased fans through social media about potentially making a return at the pay per view. When asked even further, he made it sound as if he was not going to be there just as a spectator.
August 16, 2015