Wrestling Revealed

Finn Balor at Wrestlemania

While it is very unlikely that he will be called up from developmental and build up enough momentum to get a spot on the card, Finn Balor revealed during an interview with MTV who his dream opponent at Wrestlemania would be. The NXT star stated that he would love to work against John Cena. Balor feels that Cena has been the hardest working guy in the industry over the last dozen years, so it would be an honor to wrestle him.
January 10, 2015

Mojo Rowley concerns

Within the developmental roster, Mojo Rowley is one of the guys that WWE views as a future main event performer on the main roster. Some are even saying that he can some day take the torch from John Cena, which is really high praise and hard to believe. Management is a bit concerned with him lately, as they feel that his connection with the audience has died down considerably. It might get worse because he needs time off to heal his injuries.
December 21, 2014