In a rather interesting confession, Jinder Mahal avoided Vince McMahon during his previous stint in WWE. The current number one contender to Randy Orton and the world heavyweight championship admitted that he tried his best to prevent being in a position to have an awkward conversation with the CEO backstage. Jinder states that Vince can be rather intimidating. That might explain why Mahal barely touched the mid card division back then. He was often utilized in comedy segments with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. Now, Jinder is on good terms with McMahon and is receiving the biggest push of his career.

Vince McMahon is intimidating

Jinder Mahal is not the first person to avoid Vince McMahon backstage in WWE. Several other performers have done it as well. The simple fact is that McMahon can be an intimidating individual. He is a larger than life personality. Plus, Vince controls the careers of so many people. In a split second, he can take away lifelong dreams. To an extent, McMahon controls lives. That is the power that you hold when you are in charge of World Wrestling Entertainment. You have to prove that you are an asset to the corporation if you want to get in the ears of Vince.

Jinder Mahal getting his chance

A lot of wrestlers never get their chance in WWE. Jinder Mahal is getting his right now. He needs to make things happen if he wants to remain near the top of the card. Deep down, Mahal knows that he is being pushed because he is a potential marketing asset for World Wrestling Entertainment. If he can draw in the fans from India, then he needs not ever worry about avoiding Vince McMahon again. Doing that might enable Jinder to sit right next to Vince some day on that luxurious private jet.

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