Some interesting things happen on the road when you are a WWE superstar.

As the new world heavyweight champion, Jinder Mahal has been doing a lot of talking with the media. That is an often overlooked aspect of the job. He revealed an interesting travel story in one of the recent interviews.

Mahal revealed that he and Braun Strowman were involved in a car accident when the two of them traveled together. They were out in the middle of nowhere when a deer happened to cross their path. A collision took place and the vehicle was damaged.

Jinder and Braun attempted to get help from the car rental company. Unfortunately, though, assistance would require some time. Not having that luxury due to their hectic schedule with World Wrestling Entertainment, Mahal and Strowman decided to leave the car on the road.

Fortunately for Jinder Mahal, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows happened to be traveling not too far behind him. He was able to catch a ride with the former Bullet Club members to the next town.

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