Wrestling Revealed

Jim Ross on Brock Lesnar

A post on Twitter from Jim Ross on how he feels about WWE signing Brock Lesnar to a new deal.
March 24, 2015

Jim Ross on Ric Flair

A post on Twitter where former WWE commentator Jim Ross wishes Ric Flair a happy birthday by playfully mocking his love of alcohol.
February 26, 2015

TNA not blocking Jim Ross

A post on Twitter where Jim Ross revealed to a fan that TNA does not block him from interviewing their performers on his podcast show. WWE does not allow their talents to interact with their former commentator.
February 6, 2015

Josh Mathews apologizes

An apology on Twitter from Josh Mathews for comments that he made towards Jim Ross earlier in the day that alienated a lot of WWE fans.
January 19, 2015

Mathews and Ross argument

An awkward series of Twitter posts between former WWE commentators Jim Ross and Josh Mathews.
January 19, 2015