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Jim Ross

Jim Ross on New Japan

Rumors sprung up recently that Jim Ross was going to be the new commentator for the weekly New Japan show that is aired on AXS TV, which would make sense because the legendary WWE broadcaster has much respect for the overseas promotion. Unfortunately, though, Ross took to social media to deny those reports, stating that the source has jumped the gun because no official deal has been made between the two sides.
January 15, 2016
Jim Ross

Jim Ross to House of Hardcore

Since he happens to be the most popular professional wrestling commentator of all time, Jim Ross is a candidate for every opening in any promotion across the world. House of Hardcore is no exception. You can expect Tommy Dreamer to place a call to Ross now that he has a television deal that will enable his promotion to be seen in several countries across the globe. Earlier in the week, Ross stated that he had an interesting deal on the table.
April 16, 2015
Jim Ross

Jim Ross in boxing

Jim Ross might be heading back to the commentating booth in the near future, but it is not what professional wrestling fans had been hoping for. Instead of going back to WWE or joining TNA, the legendary announcer is currently in negotiations with Golden Boy Promotions. The two sides are discussing a permanent role as a boxing commentator. Ross has done it before, but it was essentially a one time deal back then.
March 12, 2015
Jeff Jarrett

Jim Ross and Mike Tenay

While an extremely motivated Jeff Jarrett continues to work on getting a television deal for his new promotion, there have been a ton of speculations as to the details of GFW. Rumors surfaced recently that the voice of the promotion will be a very familiar one to longtime wrestling fans. It is being said that Jarrett is hoping to bring together Jim Ross and Mike Tenay as his broadcasting team. He tried teaming them up for New Japan in January.
February 26, 2015
Jim Ross

Jim Ross negotiations

Since Lucha Underground has not been doing the numbers that they were hoping for, it is being said that they desperately want to add more known names in order to make their product a bit more appealing to the masses. That has led to speculations that Jim Ross would have more leverage in negotiations. However, as of right now, the promotion has yet to reach out to the legendary commentator about signing a contract with them.
February 7, 2015
Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

When the company decided to move him from the Monday Night Raw commentating table to Smackdown's lesser watched crew, it became clear to observant people that Jerry Lawler was being demoted by WWE. His job security, though, remains fairly high. He still has name value and a good amount of fans. Plus, management is afraid that another wresting promotion will sign Lawler and team him up with Jim Ross.
January 28, 2015
Jim Ross

Jim Ross denies rumors

Rumors surfaced not too long ago that officials from Lucha Underground have been talking to Jim Ross about a potential contract with the company. Those speculations were fueled even further when Konnan made a public statement about it as well. Ross, however, has publicly denied those rumors. The longtime WWE commentator stated that while he is willing to listen to offers, he has yet to have any communication with this particular promotion.
January 23, 2015
Jim Ross

Tara and Dixie backstage heat

When Tara left TNA, there was a feeling that there was some backstage heat between she and the company. Not a lot of details were leaked back then. That has changed now. During a podcast interview with Jim Ross, she revealed that she has a ton of backstage heat towards Dixie Carter. The veteran performer was upset that the company did not acknowledge the extra work she did with promotions when they were in Chicago.
January 22, 2015
Jim Ross

Jim Ross to Lucha Underground

Now that they have successfully launched their promotion in the United States, Lucha Underground is desperately trying to build on the fan base. In order to do that, they need recognizable names and voices. Officials for the company are said to be targeting Jim Ross to become their lead commentator. Many in the industry believe that it will not happen, since they are unlikely to be able to meet the financial requirements that Ross would have.
January 1, 2015
Jim Ross

Jim Ross to GFW

While many are under the assumption that Jim Ross is going to be signing on with GFW because he has a deal to work their first pay per view in Japan, that is simply not the case. As of right now, Ross and Jeff Jarrett have a one time deal. The two sides are expected to see how the promotion unfolds before making a contractual commitment to one another. A lot will depend on how well things work out with the New Japan show that is taking place in a few days.
December 31, 2014