Some surprising WWE news today. Jim Cornette inducting the Rock and Roll Express should be one of the more interesting moments at Wrestlemania 33.

Jim Cornette inducting Rock and Roll Express

The idea of Jim Cornette inducting someone for WWE was difficult to imagine. The hall of fame is supposed to be a fun event. However, it is also a very stressful one for management. Vince McMahon wants the entire Wrestlemania 33 weekend to be as perfect as possible. Controversy is a possibility when you give certain people an open microphone. World Wresting Entertainment is willing to take that risk. The company has officially announced that Cornette will be inducting the Rock and Roll Express.

WWE trusting Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette having the trust of WWE is quite the surprise. The highly opinionated manager has spent years bashing the company. Cornette is not someone that holds back. He is also someone that allows his emotions to get the best of him at times. Jim has a lot of backstage heat with many in the industry. A large part of that is because he wants the controversy. If Cornette dislikes someone or someting, then he will let the world know about it. He bashed Kenny Omega was the world was praising him in January. Cornette also got into it with Prince Puma.

Jim Cornette makes sense

From a pure wrestling standpoint, Jim Cornette makes sense for the choice. The Rock and Roll Express had a ton of enemies in the ring. However, very few were on the same level as Jim Cornette. The two sides battled for years. Cornette helped the Midnight Express make a lot of money in their feud against Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. There is a little bit of closure in Jim inducting his in ring foes. It is also a bit surreal.

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