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Jillian Hall

Jillian Hall sucker punched

A post on Instagram where Jillian Hall reveals that she was sucker punched by someone in a parking lot. She shows off her injuries in the photo. Jillian is hinting that she may have been a victim of the knockout game that idiots across the country have been playing with innocent victims.
June 16, 2015
Jillian Hall

Jillian Hall DUI arrest

While it is definitely not something that she wanted, Jillian Hall is back in the spotlight because she was recently arrested down in Florida. On Aprill 10, 2015, she was detained by a police officer because she was well above the legal limit for blood alcohol content and driving. She was released on a $500 bond a couple of hours later. Jillian plead not guilty, which is the customary thing to do in instances like these. She is unlikely to face jail time.
May 1, 2015