Wrestling Revealed

New Japan in the US

Speculations earlier this week had the Bullet Club coming to the United States and working with Jeff Jarrett in his new GFW promotion. The belief is that New Japan is perfectly fine with this for several reasons. For starters, the performers usually take time off and head back home anyways, so it would not change too much for them. Plus, NJPW wants more of a presence in the US, and they believe that Jarrett can help them do that through the stable.
February 24, 2015

Lucha Underground signings

While Lucha Underground has been actively seeking well known talent to join their roster and increase their presence in the United States, they are having trouble signing performers. Aside from Alberto Del Rio, a lot of wrestlers are holding off on signing a contract with the promotion. One of the reasons being speculated for that right now is the fact that a lot of people are waiting to see what Jeff Jarrett can do with his new GFW promotion this year.
February 10, 2015

Jarrett scouted Steen

During a recent interview, Jeff Jarrett admitted that he had been scouting Kevin Steen as a potential member of his GFW roster before the former ROH heavyweight champion decided to take his services to NXT. Jarrett spoke highly of the man now known as Kevin Owens, and many are under the belief that he is doing that because he wants to keep the business relationship open, in case things do not work out for Owens in WWE for whatever reasons.
December 31, 2014

AJ Styles to GFW

With the way thing stand right now, it appears that AJ Styles will be the centerpiece of the GFW roster that will be unveiled early in 2015. In addition to him on very good terms with Jeff Jarrett, there is also a working relationship between his current promotion, New Japan, and Global Force Wrestling. The move would enable Styles to stay a bit closer to home during the year. It is also believed to be the reason why Styles has closed the door on WWE.
December 31, 2014

Young Bucks to GFW

Earlier in the week, the Young Bucks generated quite the buzz, when it was revealed that the brother tandem had politely turned down WWE on a contract offer. Well, it looks like they have their eyes set on another promotion in North America. The speculation right now is that Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson are going to be signing with Jeff Jarrett to work in his GFW promotion. Their deal with New Japan makes it easier to make that happen.
December 23, 2014