Back when Jeff Jarrett was in charge of TNA the first time around, one of the complaints that fans had was that he booked himself on television all too frequently. That will not be a problem this time around. The former world heavyweight champion is not allowed to be in front of the camera on Impact Wrestling. It is part of his agreement on his other business venture. Jarrett will solely be utilized in a front office capacity by Anthem Entertainment Group, which should sit just fine with in ring performers that are currently on the active roster in TNA.

Jarrett is still focused on making progress with Global Force Wrestling. Though there has not been much movement as of late, he is still trying to secure a television deal for his own promotion. In order to make his product more appealing, Jarrett has to make himself exclusive to GFW. If he appears on Impact Wrestling, then the typical fan is going to label him as being a TNA star, thus making them less likely to want to see him on his own show.

While complete details of the deal between Jarrett and Anthem have yet to be released, there are those that believe that there may be an opt out clause in case GFW does manage to get a television deal somewhere. It could be a conflict of interest if Jarrett were to run two televised brands at the same time. With them being readily available on television, Global Force Wrestling would be considered competition for TNA.

There might also be some language in the contract that prevents Jarrett from raiding the TNA roster if GFW does indeed secure a television deal. Since he will be working rather closely with the performers, it would not be all that difficult for him to take some guys away by promising them pushes.

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